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IT Contracting Partnerships

We are a certified MBE/DBE/SBE entity under Maryland MDOT. As a business in good standing with the State of Maryland, we are ready and able to accommodate TORFP’s for CATS/CATS+, and work as your partner to secure IT consulting and technical services state contracts. We actively pursue certifications that help expand our regional, national, and international reach.

We are specialists in web-based and cloud-based intranet applications, desktop and mobile solutions, middle-ware components, databases, API’s, and system integrations. Tanga Technologies has nearly a decade of experience supplying custom software solutions to the State of Maryland (MDOT SHA) and we have a deep understanding of state business practices, COMAR, DoIT infrastructure, and enterprise application systems.







Virginia, USA SWaM Certified: Pending

​Delaware, USA DBE/ACDBE Certified: Pending

TangaTech Solutions Path

Our custom software development team has years of experience designing and developing unique & innovative custom software using a streamlined, repeatable process.

Custom Software Development

TangaTech has the knowledge, experience, and tools to develop complex, technically challenging, and revolutionary software applications. Let us work with you to understand your project’s needs. Our project management team is knowledgeable, dynamic, and dedicated to your success. Our development teams build innovative, scalable solutions, designed to solve the specific needs of your organization. At TangaTech we strive to gain domain expertise so that we can see both problems and solutions with a 360-degree view. This drives creative, novel solutions, and ultimately project success. 

We will build internal solutions specific to your needs or integrate market-ready products into your operations. Each custom solution is designed to accommodate future upgrades/enhancements as your needs change. We have a multitude of ways to incorporate our custom solutions into your existing infrastructure. You receive 100% ownership of the work we perform. And we support every solution we provide. 

Data Management

Modern businesses recognize the value of data, and for small businesses, this often means relying on reports generated within the individual software platforms they use for daily operations. However, there comes a time when unifying this data in a central, standardized source is desirable. To effectively organize and secure this data requires a process called data management

Managing data typically begins with a project that’ll get started in one of the knowledge areas and iterate through the other knowledge areas

Tanga Technologies Data Management systems include:

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has dominated the business technology landscape for over a decade and Tanga Technologies has spent that period perfecting the art of cloud application development and migrating on-premise systems into the cloud. We can optimize your current cloud solutions by consolidating infrastructures, standardizing outmoded environments, and otherwise modernizing individual resources.

We develop and deploy cloud applications, each designed to be browser-agnostic, future-proof and highly scalable. We combine mobile-first design techniques with inscrutable server-side programming and rich database functionality to create high-performance enterprise cloud apps, including ERPs, CRMs and much more. Our integration services allow for cloud applications to deploy in public, private or hybrid environments.

We perform reliable cloud-to-cloud and on-premise server-to-cloud migrations using Microsoft Azure, AWS and Salesforce.

Power Platform

Your organization’s data is its lifeblood and meaningful interpretation of that data is critical to operational and strategic success. We can implement a low-code solution leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform, the leading analytics and business intelligence platform, to build an enterprise analytics and business intelligence system. 

Connect all your data: emails, documents, calendars, RDMS, NoSQL systems, RSS, social media, file systems. We can design a single source of truth for your data that allows you to gain insights into all your organizations’ activities. 

IT Consulting

Consulting services help improve, expand, and redesign current software architecture using cutting-edge technology and methodologies. TangaTech software development consultants, architects, and designers can consult for updating current technologies, performance optimization tasks, load balancing, front-end redesign, or database refactoring. 

Not sure what it will take to solve your problem? Let us design a solution. Good design comes from first understanding how your business works, then charting a path to take you where you want to go, seamlessly. We’ll take the time to listen and learn, help you identify project goals, then craft a targeted solution to suit your needs. Our consulting practices are built around: